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Please fill in the form below if you would like us to send you a quote for a transcription job. We aim to provide you with a quote within twenty-four hours.(Please fill in as much information as you can, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.)

Company (if applicable):
Mobile: (if applicable)
Preferred contact method:

Please let us know if you have a preference for any of the above.

Quantity of transcription:

Please provide information on the audio length of your transcription e.g. 3 hours, 90 minutes, 50 hours over the next three months.

Turn-around time:

Our turnaround may depend on the quantity of your work and our current workload. There may be a surcharge for very urgent work.

Number of people speaking:

Please provide information on the number of people e.g. one person lecture, conference, one-to-one interview, focus group.

Media format:
Standard tape/cassette Digital - DSS file
Micro tape Digital - WAV file
Mini tape Digital - mp3 file
Sony mini-disk Digital - WMA (windows media) file
Video cassette (European only) Digital - ra, ram, rm (Real player)
Digital video file (e.g. mp4, wmv) Digital - CDA file
Other - please specify:
Quality issues:

Please note: if quality issues are undisclosed we reserve the right to alter our quote. We will, of course, inform you if this is the case, before carrying out any work.

If you tick any of these boxes, please give details of the issues in the comment box below.
Recording quality e.g. background hiss Background noise e.g. recording in a cafe, pub, leisure centre
Clarity of speech e.g. does anyone speak very fast, mumble, speak softly Strong regional accents
Technical terminology e.g. medical transcription, legal transcription (please specify in the box below)  
Please specify details of issues:
Level of editing:

Do you want verbatim transcription: every "um", "er", "you know" and other conversational filler included? Do you want 'intelligent verbatim': exact transcription minus fillers (usual for interviews), or editing to improve English (e.g. for a lecture or dictated notes)?

Please see our transcription types page for a full explanation of these terms.

How do you intend to send files?:
By post - tape or CD of digital files By email - small (less than 5 Meg) digital files only please
Uploading on to your website for ftp download by us Uploaded via our website (secure)
Preferred payment method:
By cheque (UK cheques only) By BACS (online banking)
Credit card (using PayPal) - extra charges incurred Other - e.g. money order - extra charges incurred

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