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Established in 2003, our transcription service, consisting of a team of highly skilled UK-based transcriptionists, has developed a global reputation for providing top-quality, accurate transcription services in a variety of fields, built on attention to detail, flexibility and excellent customer service. But don’t take our word for it – our testimonials  page tells the story for us.

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We offer three levels of transcription (described here) but we can tailor these to your precise needs. We also normally work from a standard template which distinguishes between speakers but we can work to any template you provide in Microsoft Word or Excel, or even design a template to your specifications.

Work follows a ‘house style’ which again can be tailored to your requirements if necessary, and this ensures consistency if several transcribers are working on your project. Work is also checked before it is sent to you, by the transcriber and by again by Dr Hickley (or Taryn Gray or Clare Manning in her absence), to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Transcription service pricing

We offer a fixed ‘per audio minute’ price for digital transcription services, so that you can plan your budget effectively in advance. Please see the page about transcription time in the FAQ section, to see how this fixed price transcription quote works. For details of prices, please click on ‘Rates’ and choose the type of transcription you require, (e.g. interviewsfocus groups etc.) Or use our quote request form to get a quote tailored to your needs, or contact us by phone or email. We’re always happy to talk things through.

File types we can transcribe

We can work with a wide range of digital transcription files including wave (wav), dss, ds2, wma and mp3 file types, to name but a few. We can work with digital video files as well as digital audio files, and these can be uploaded via the internet or sent to us on a DVD or similar.

Advice on getting the best recordings for transcription

Please see our FAQ page, or contact us to discuss your concerns.

We produce transcripts as Microsoft Word documents and return them to you by email. Digital transcription files can be uploaded directly to our website for transcription. Once you have accepted a quote from us we will provide a password and you can upload files to our site on the Uploads page.


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