Research Transcription

University research  transcription is one of our specialities, for both interviews and focus groups. Our director, Anne Hickley, is PhD qualified with experience of editing scientific and non-scientific texts and she either transcribes or checks all work that goes out to our long list of satisfied university clients. She has written a number of articles on transcription including research interview and focus group transcription, which many clients have found very helpful and this will soon be incorporated into the blog. We have been providing a research transcription service to universities for over five years and we understand the importance of accuracy, confidentiality, adherence to deadlines and, where necessary, formatting for NVivo or similar qualitative research software.

Cost of Research Transcription

We offer a discounted rate to universities, institutions and individual students for research transcription services, as we appreciate that universities work to tight budgets and we are keen to provide affordable research transcription services. We also provide detailed invoices broken down to show the cost of each audio file sent to us, and our fixed price digital file rates allow you to budget in advance. Our competitive rates are as follows:

Type of recording – assuming clear recording with minimal background noise and no strong accents Price per Audio Minute
Transcription of dictation £1.20
One-to-one or two-to-one research interview research transcription £1.35
Conference £1.50
Focus group or round table discussion £1.50-£2.80 depending on numbers of people etc.
Please note: This only applies to good quality digital recordings, transcribed intelligent verbatim. Please see the information on transcription times and type for more information on this.

In order to allow your researchers to analyse the data over time we will always send back each transcript once it is completed, rather than sending all the files back on the deadline date. Of course we will also contact you should any problems arise and keep you fully up-to-date with expected completion dates.

If you are able to supply us with a list of key words or any background material that will always help to ensure accuracy but we are also all experts at internet research and are often able to decipher technical words or tricky names this way. We always mark any words we’re not certain of with a highlight and, for digital recordings, the exact time within the recording where the problem word occurs. This means that you can immediately locate and, if necessary, correct, any problem words, before analysing the transcript.

Our work is carried out in-house or, when deadlines are very tight, using a very small group of tried and tested professional UK-based transcriptionists. Should the work be sent out, all the work will be checked thoroughly by Anne Hickley before it is sent to you.

All our clients are asked to complete a booking form when we first start working on research transcriptions for them, and this includes a confidentiality clause, but we are very happy to sign any other agreement that may require as we appreciate that university research transcriptions are often highly confidential in nature.


Anne Hickley has been running Penguin Transcription and Penguin Office Services since 2003. She is PhD qualified and has worked for a wide range of organisations, from large multinationals to small businesses, before starting her own businesses.