Conference Transcription Service

Conference transcription provides the transcriptionist with special challenges. To provide an expert conference transcription service one needs not just excellent transcription skills, but also the ability to conduct research on the internet, as a conference almost always covers a specialised niche full of its own specific key words. We have the knowledge and experience to carry out the necessary research for conference transcription and provide a top-quality conference transcription service, but there are things you can do to reduce our workload and thus obtain an even more competitively priced and affordable conference transcription service.

How to improve Conference Transcription Service turnaround time

If you are able to provide any keywords, relevant papers or background information on the web, that always gives us a good head start and might mean we can turn the conference transcription around a little faster. A really good list of key words will also reduce the cost of the transcription, as we always aim to provide an affordable conference transcription service, as well as a top quality transcript.

It’s also very helpful if you can provide us with a list of speakers and, if you are having a question and answer session, a list of delegates too. This means that when each person speaks, whether speaker or delegate, we can make sure we have the correct spelling of their name and organisation/company.

If you have a good recording set-up for both your speaker panel and any question and answer sessions, including a roving microphone (or two) in the audience, and individual microphones for each speaker, then the recording quality will be significantly improved and the transcription would therefore take a little less time to complete.

For more information on getting the best quality recordings, both generally and in specifically in relation to conference transcription, please see the FAQs page.

Our prices for conference transcription are as follows:

Conference Transcription Price per Audio Minute
intelligent verbatim Standard rate £1.60
Discounted rate for universities, students, institutions and charities £1.50
Edited Standard rate £2.00
Discounted rate for universities, students, institutions and charities £1.80
Panel Sessions   These are charged based on the number of people in the panel, at focus group rates. Please see our focus group pages for more details.

Please note: This only applies to good quality digital conference recordings. If your recording is substandard we would inform you before carrying out any work so that you could decide how to proceed. Our hourly rate for tapes is £22.50 per hour (or £20.00 per hour discounted rate). Please see the information on tapes and transcription times and type for more information on this.

Conference transcription service for any size of conference


Anne Hickley has been running Penguin Transcription and Penguin Office Services since 2003. She is PhD qualified and has worked for a wide range of organisations, from large multinationals to small businesses, before starting her own businesses.