Interview Transcription Services

Interview transcripts are produced from recordings with one interviewer and one or two interviewees. They are one the most straightforward types of recording to transcribe. However, it is still important that your recordings are good quality and recorded in a (reasonably) quiet environment. You can find information on how to make the best quality recordings on our FAQ page. If you have a recording with more than three people, please see our focus groups page.

Research transcripts are one of our specialties; we offer a discount to students, universities, institutions and charities.

Our rates are as follows:

Interview Transcription Service Rates

Price per Audio Minute
intelligent verbatim Standard rate £1.45
Discounted rate for universities, students, institutions and charities £1.35
Verbatim Standard rate £2.00
Discounted rate for universities, students, institutions and charities £1.70
Please note: This only applies to good quality digital recordings – assuming clear recording with minimal background noise and no strong accents.

We can talk you through the issues and pitfalls of recording interviews, and how to avoid them. We can also email you copies of any of our articles.

We can time stamp your transcripts if required. For a time stamp every five minutes there is no extra cost, but if you require more frequent time stamping the price will increase slightly. We will always mark inaudible parts of the recording, should there be any, with the times they occur.


We are very experienced at providing verbatim transcripts and appreciate that under some circumstances e.g. counselling, psychology or language research, a verbatim interview transcript is required. However, this takes longer and so costs more than intelligent verbatim. If price is a key factor, you should consider carefully whether you really need verbatim. An explanation of the differences can be found on the transcription type page, so please make sure you ask for the one you need!

We are happy to transcribe from a wide variety of digital file formats. If you’re not sure if we can work with your file format, please ask.

The director, Anne Hickley, is PhD qualified with experience of editing scientific and non-scientific texts. She either transcribes or checks all work that goes out to our long list of satisfied clients.

We understand the importance of accuracy, confidentiality, adherence to deadlines. We can format the transcripts for NVivo or similar qualitative research software, and can provide any formatting that you specify.


Anne Hickley has been running Penguin Transcription and Penguin Office Services since 2003. She is PhD qualified and has worked for a wide range of organisations, from large multinationals to small businesses, before starting her own businesses.